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About us

At Medmax Limited we like to form long-term relationships and to build on these. We have done this continuously since we started. This is the cornerstone of our company.
Our greatest asset is our staff, many of whom are long-serving employees. Our customers benefit from this continued experience and knowledge. We are committed to delivering the products you trust, at the best possible price. Superior service is assured at Medmax Limited.

Medmax Limited has extensive experience in medical equipment and supplies. This team is focused in building vibrant, mission-focused teams, fostering organizational brand strength and advancing long-range growth plans. As a team, possessed with broader groupings of strengths, our execution in navigating Medmax through various phases of its transformation and diversification provides the company with a unique sense of vision.
Collectively, Medmax Limited team’s extensive knowledge and experience in all aspects of the health care business, including business strategy, operations, revenue cycle, acquisitions, emerging markets, financial performance and structure, legal matters, and human resources/talent management, has been a winning formula in accelerating Medmax’s growth metrics for high performance. .

Our mission

Based on our years of experience in medical equipment and Market needs, Medmax Mission is to be the True friend to our consumers. We always work towards Reliable and responsive services.

We deliver personalized, professional service to a diversified group of clients in the health care and medical community. Using the skills and knowledge of trained, responsible, highly motivated personnel who employ a unique combination of imagination and expertise, we are dedicated to the delivery of professional services of the highest quality on a timely basis, and the maximization of patient satisfaction.

Committed to Excellence

Medmax Limited delivers a wide range of specialty products and services ensuring quality care for all patients and as a reliable partner to the health care community.

We believe that our company is unique. We offer expertise and high standards of professionalism normally associated with international durable medical equipment companies, while retaining the vital aspects of personal contact and close attention that characterize us and set us apart from the competition. We listen to the comments and concerns of our customers in order to develop improvements in procedures so we may better serve them in ways that are within our business plan.

Your Home Medical Equipment

Our success stems from our comprehensive services coupled with an uncompromising commitment to servicing our customers with cutting edge solutions and timely distribution and utilization services. We’d love to answer any questions you have, so please feel free to contact us to speak with a member of our staff.